Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Equipment

While I was out this weekend getting gifts for other people, I bought a few "gifts" for myself.  I was using an old pair of Bose earphones with a really long wire, which I had to wrap around the arm band a few times just to keep it out of the way, but not any more!  While at the Apple store in Orland Park, IL - I found a Bose sport set, which had the volume/talk/change song controller built into the wire (I never looked for one, so I didn't know it existed).  I bought it, but also a Thomas the Train ipad game so that I wouldn't feel guilty for buying for myself only, hehe.

Next I strolled into Finish Line just to take a look at running shoes.  They had a sale, so I stepped up the quality of my running shoes.  I bought a pair of Nike Freerun 5.0 running shoes and I really love them.  They have great arch support and seem to help roll my foot forward duing the run.  Anyone have thoughts on the Freerun's?

Now I know that these things are not needed to run successfully, but I will say that both of these purchases have helped me focus more on the running and less on the distractions that come with sub par running equipment.

Yesterday I signed up for 1 race a month from March to July 2013.  I also signed up for a 10 mile run into Soldier Field in May.  50 yard line in the home of the Chicago Bears...bad ass if you ask me!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle

As of yesterday's weigh in (and a weekly loss of 5.2lbs), I've lost a total 42.5 lbs in les than two months. Running has really helped me get back into shape. As such, I signed up for another run today, the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle an 8k in April. This ought to keep me running all through the winter.

It is 68F in Chicago today and I'm going to take advantage of this great weather and run outdoors when I get home.

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