Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Equipment

While I was out this weekend getting gifts for other people, I bought a few "gifts" for myself.  I was using an old pair of Bose earphones with a really long wire, which I had to wrap around the arm band a few times just to keep it out of the way, but not any more!  While at the Apple store in Orland Park, IL - I found a Bose sport set, which had the volume/talk/change song controller built into the wire (I never looked for one, so I didn't know it existed).  I bought it, but also a Thomas the Train ipad game so that I wouldn't feel guilty for buying for myself only, hehe.

Next I strolled into Finish Line just to take a look at running shoes.  They had a sale, so I stepped up the quality of my running shoes.  I bought a pair of Nike Freerun 5.0 running shoes and I really love them.  They have great arch support and seem to help roll my foot forward duing the run.  Anyone have thoughts on the Freerun's?

Now I know that these things are not needed to run successfully, but I will say that both of these purchases have helped me focus more on the running and less on the distractions that come with sub par running equipment.

Yesterday I signed up for 1 race a month from March to July 2013.  I also signed up for a 10 mile run into Soldier Field in May.  50 yard line in the home of the Chicago Bears...bad ass if you ask me!

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