Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I bought a Breville juicer over the holidays to start juicing and as it turns out it, I love it!  I ended up buying the same model as Joe Cross from “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” uses (Amazon review were off the charts for this brand and model).  It shreds the fruit and vegetables, skin and all, so in such a way that it tears the fibers in the pulp and sends them into the juice with the other nutrients.  There is a masher style if you want more all the pulp, but you can just add the dry pulp back in if you want it (I am going to use it as compost for my new garden).  I didn’t know much about juicing before I bought a juicer, but what I did know is that there are some people who drink green drinks everyday and I knew that that I was not one of them, nor what I  eating nearly enough fruit or vegetables on a daily, weekly or lifetime basis.  So I decided to grow my snowball larger and make the lifestyle change to include more consumption of both.

Now there are as many different recipes available online as there are stars in the sky, but I just started by going to my local produce depot and loading up on everything, including things I had never heard of prior to that trip (i.e. Kale).  I tried a few different fruit and vegetable recipes and have really enjoyed them all.  Obviously the vegetable drinks are not as pleasurable to the palate as the fruit mixes as they lack the sugar of the delicious fruit, but as we all know, too much of a good thing is not so good for our health.  So I have decided to focus on the vegetable drinks and I must admit, they have gotten better as I drink more and more of them.  I will say that a few people have tried my green drink, but did not like them at all.  I suspect that is the result of not wanting to drink them in the first place.  I believe that if you have an open mind and are wanting to be more healthy, then you will find that these drinks do in fact taste good.

What was funny to me was that I bought the juicer so that I would consume more vegetables, then while looking for recipes I found a plethora of information and people who have documentary’s on the subject, which I subsequently watched.  So I guess I bought the juicer, then learned about juicing.  There is so much available on Netflix, as well as hulu to learn from that I am currently in overload mode right not and I am just trying to sift through, organize and decide what information is relevant and important to me specifically.  Then I will snowball that information just as I am snowballing my transition to a healthy and active lifestyle.  Not too much too soon for me.  I am taking a slow approach to new adjustments as I believe it will keep things fresh as well as prevent me from total burn out.  Some of the videos I have enjoyed are as follows:

-Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
-Food Inc. (has inspired my wife and I to start our own garden this spring)
-Gerson Theory

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  1. Juicing is something I've considered trying many times in the last couple years. For the last year or so I've been doing the "green monster" smoothies for breakfast (spinach, frozen fruit, soy milk, and usually a protein powder if it's post workout). I'm intrigued by the idea of doing regular juices, particularly veggie ones. Maybe this will be the year I take the plunge! Looking forward to reading about your Shamrock Shuffle, that's a race I'd like to do one year.

  2. I'm going to start doing a fruit smoothie a few days a week, but am really happy that I have started the vegetable juicing.

    I am excited to run the Shamnrock - I also learned about, then signed up for the, which is a 10 mile run finishing on the 50 yard line in Soldier Field. How could pass it up.

    1. Eh, Soldier Field doesn't hold the same allure for me since I'm not much of a sports fan (other than running). But Shamrock is such an unusual distance, and such a big field, and such a fun day to celebrate -- I bet you'll love it.