Friday, November 16, 2012

Meal Plan

I have been sticking to a caloric deficit from what I was consuming and the menu is getting tired.  I have been exploring for healthy options that fit my daily schedule and taste, but I’m trying to incorporate them slowly. 

My basic meal plan has been as follows:

6:30am Breakfast – fiber 1 (90 calories) or chocolate granola, banana & two boiled eggs (white only)

9:00am Snack 1 – Oatmeal w/honey

11:30 Lunch – Chicken breast, corn or green beans, carrot sticks or green red and orange pepper slices.

2:15 Snack 2 – Apple & 10-15 almonds

4:00 Snack 3 – 10-15 almonds – this helps me from snacking when I get home and just jumping into my running gear

7:30 or an hour after running Dinner – Chicken breast, corn or asparagus (I like to dip my chicken in Buffalo Wild Wings bbq sauce, which I purchased from them – its ~25-40 calories/tbsp and 500 sodium, but in my opinion, it still better than getting bored with my food and giving into my old ways).

I also try to drink a gallon of water throughout the day (sometimes I have a 6oz V8 too).

It is about 1,400 calories, which is about half of what I was eating and I don't feel that I am still hungry at the end of the day at all.  It showed me that I was living to eat and drink instead of eating to live.

If there are any thoughts for improvement or just better ideas, please share.

Thanks for stopping by and have a productive day!

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