Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Running Tired - Nov. 11 & 12, 2012

3.2 lbs lost last week for a total of 28 lbs in five weeks.  Not to bad, but still about 40 lbs away from where I want to be.  I do feel much better already though and that is what really matters to me.  Although I want to be at 180 lbs, I am happy to have found running again and will take the proper amount of time getting to that weight.

One of the big things I have changed is my drinking.  I used to go out with friends on Friday or Saturday night (only one night a week) for drinks.  Having a few soda’s in those drinks every week really added calories fast, but when I stopped drinking rum & soda, I lost about 18 lbs in two weeks.  Probably 10 of it was from no more soda and the rest from lower food calorie intake in addition to the running.

Additional benefit's of giving up the regular social scene is many fold:
1.       I save more money (which I have been using some to register for runs)
2.       I don’t have hangovers which make me prone to sitting around all day instead of exercising
3.       Spending my weekends reading more about my investments and running and spending quality time with my family
4.       Finally, I have meet up with my friends from time to time over the past month and I sip water and it is really no different to me.

Yesterday I was a bit exhausted I spent 30 minutes in the gym at lunch, but when I got home I was not feeling the run, but I put on my gear and forced myself to do it anyway.  I put in  a 30 minute run at 5mph and ran about 2.7 miles.  I ate some chicken, corn and asparagus and went to sleep shortly after.  Wanted to stay up for a while after eating, but was just too tired.  I am going to shoot for a 5 mile run tonight at 5.4 mph.


  1. Good job getting the run in. Even when I don't feel like it, I always feel better afterwards. Makes it all worth it!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog - am scrolling through old posts. Cutting out drinking took so much weight off for me, and it was the same thing, just going out one evening a week for 2-3 drinks. Oops! I guess those calories do count. :)

    You've done fabulously - congrats!