Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday 11-10-12

The weather was so nice in the Chicago area after work last night that I decided to get out and run a basic run.  I made it 4.5 miles before I decided it was time to take a break.  That was my longest run outside yet.  I was really sore after the run and a bit sore this morning but that didn't stop me from running another 3.5 miles on the treadmill.  I have really learned to enjoy the outside runs, especially in the nice weather, but the inside runs are so much better on the body and for some reason I really feel like a work up much more of a sweat.

I bought some Irish oats steel cut oatmeal and I am going to cook some up tonight and eat it tomorrow for breakfast.  I also have to run to the store to grab some more chicken, fruit and vegetables before I run out and then crash the lesser quality foods that are reserved for my son and pregnant wife.  Having a constant supply of healthier food options and planning out my daily meal plan at the top of the day has been an enormous help in eating right.  I cannot say enough about it.

I am looking forward to weighing in tomorrow - hoping for another 5+ lb loss for the week.  I won't be discourage if I don't get it however.  It is not a sprint - it is a (couch to a) marathon!

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