Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night for dinner I had the Asian Sesame chicken salad at Panera w/o the wonton's, which brings the total calories to ~310 according to their website.  Although a few reviews gave the salad good rating, I thought that it was not very good at all.  For my $8, I could have made a much better salad and would have had it for 2-3 meals.  It was still better than making chicken and corn for dinner again however.

This morning I am going to go for a run, but I've to take it easy because my calves are still stinging and I'm afraid of injuring myself too much running.  They are feeling better this morning so let's see how it goes.  Planning to run 5 miles. Tomorrow it my weekly weigh in, Im hoping for another 5lbs this week.

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