Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 2

With the excitement of losing 9.9lbs offsetting the pain I felt in my legs, I climbed on the treadmill for a morning run and this time I made it 2 miles without stopping.  It was that evening I decided to step it up so I ran again in the evening, and that made me feel great.

I ran the second week a few days in the morning and everyday in the evening until Friday evening came... 

A friend whom agreed to run the 5k with me asked me to train with him at the local track for the 5k, to which I agreed.  I made it 1.5 times around the track, which is only 1.75 miles.  Needless to say after running 2+ miles on the treadmill, I was getting very worried that I could not run as far outside and the race was only a little over a week away.  (I have to add that I did run 2 inside miles that morning however).

After failing to run close to a 5k outside during my second week, the good news was twofold:

1. I continued to run inside for the remainder of the weekend with a plan to take the road next week and

2. I lost 7.8lbs on my week 2 weigh in – weight 227.8

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