Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 3

The weather was in the 70’s during week 3.  Much warmer than normal and about 30 degrees warmer than race day was expected to be.  I was again getting worried that I would train in warmer weather and then not have the ability to finish the race in colder weather, but I didn’t let those worries slow me down.  Not this time, this time is a change in lifestyle. 

I ran inside the Monday morning and in the evening, outside.  It wasn’t with much fanfare  that I left the house for my run, but I did it.  And kept on doing it, and kept on going.  “One mile”, my Nike app said….”half way there, 1.55 miles to go” it then said…”1.1 miles left” it again said to me, “your goal is in sight, keep it up” I picked up the pace and finally “congratulations, you’ve reached your goal”

I ran 3.16 miles at an average pace of 10’56’’/mile and completed the run in 34:35.  It was so exciting that I was able to achieve the goal in such a short amount of time.  I knew then, that I was going to succeed the 5k, but still wanted to work on time and endurance.

The next day I ran it again. 3.15 miles at 10’51’’ 34:12.  Two days in a row was awesome I though.  My legs told a very different story however.  They told me that it was not awesome that I did that, but I didn’t care.  I dealt with the sore legs for a day or two more and moved on.  I ran inside the rest of the week  because I wanted to take it easy on my legs in addition to the rain that fell for the remainder of the week.  I really don’t know what I would have done without the treadmill.  It has been extremely helpful for me and I love that it is right there.

I lost only 2lbs on the week 3 weigh in – that was a bit discouraging, but I didn’t have much time to think about it..I had my first 5k that afternoon.  So I ran 2 miles after the weigh in and relaxed to watch the Chicago Bears.

I ran the 5K and came in 30 minutes even.  I was a bit shocked that I came in that time because it was not a paved trail and I had to get around the zombies before they grabbed the flags we had to wear, which was an exhausting experience, but fun!

It was time to move onto the next scheduled 5K, a turkey trot in Thanksgiving day.

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